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Nosy Tsarabanjina


Nosy Be: 13 ° 43 S - 48 ° 12 E
Imprint of authenticity, Nosy Be or "Grande Ile" combines the beauty of its nature with the kindness of its inhabitants. Its luxuriant vegetation shelters an extraordinary flora and fauna. In addition to its verdant vegetation and its volcanic relief, Nosy Be offers beautiful beaches.

The climate

The tropical climate includes two seasons: hot and humid austral summer from November to March and dry austral winter from April to October. Temperatures fluctuate between 25 and 30 ° and the sun shines more than 340 days a year which makes this enchanting island the most popular tourist destination of Madagascar.

The traditions

The population of Sakalava origin has more than 60,000 inhabitants. Sakalava traditions and customs are deeply rooted and ancestor worship is at the origin of many rites.

The accommodations are numerous: inns, guest houses, hotels or villas with staff, and offer a range of comfort and price very varied
During excursions by mountain bike, quad, motorbike, 4x4, car, fast boat or canoe you can go to meet the fauna and the flora in the nature reserve ofLokobe, to greet the lemurs in Nosy Komba or to dive in An exciting story by visiting the vestiges of Indian settlement or settlement.

In the center of the "Ile aux Parfums" are numerous plantations dotted with traditional distilleries, a trip to the scents of vanilla, ylang-ylang, patchouli, clove, pepper, vetiver, eucalyptus and lemongrass.

Around Nosy Be: A multitude of islands are scattered along the North West Coast of Madagascar. The Mitsios and Radames archipelagos are ideal stopovers for cruising. Surrounded by turquoise water, these islands invite you to discover the perfectly preserved underwater world.
Luxury hotels have been established offering maximum comfort in an idyllic setting. You can extend a cruise by staying at one of these hotels, the yacht will drop you directly