The Mitsio Islands and the Pearls of the Cape

The Mitsio archipelago is famous for its islands surrounded by white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters. It is also unique for its vegetation and the large basaltic organ pipes, amazing rocky outcrops, that line the main Mitsio island. The beauty of its underwater attracts divers from all around the world.

Duration : 7 days - 6 nights

Best season : October to June

  • Photos of the Cruise
  • Course of the Cruise

    Day 1 - Nosy Be - Mitsio:
    We leave Nosy Be in the morning and reach the Big Mitsio Island after 7 hours of navigation.
    We arrive mid-afternoon at the impressive bronze-coloured volcanic organ pipes, sail east and anchor at Marimbe, the only protected anchoring of the archipelago.
    Dinner and night on board.

    Day 2 - Ankarea: 5 miles sailing to Ankarea, a lovely high basalt-island with white beaches. You will enjoy snorkeling in its coral garden abounding in colorful tropical fish.
    Return to Marimbe. 
    Dinner and overnight on board.

    Day 3 - Tsarabnjina and Sakatia: Early start for Tsarabanjina island (2h of sailing). A true paradise with its lush vegetation, beautiful white beaches and crystal-clear water, where you will enjoy a swim.
    Navigation to Sakatia (about 6h)
    Dinner and night on board

    Day 4 - Sakatia: Visit of Sakatia, its calm beaches, village, vegetation and orchids. Snorkelling and swimming
    Dinner and overnight on board

    Day 5 - Sakatia to Russian Bay: Following the coast down south for 20 miles we reach the historical site of the vast Russian Bay. This ancient sailor's refuge is famous for its peacefulness and many isolates beaches, dotted with huts of nomadic fishermen.
    Dinner and overnight on board

    Day 6 - Russian Bay to Iranja and onto Baramahamay:
    25 miles of coastal sailing passing many islands and impressive long white beaches to reach Nosy Iranja, two lovely islands connected by a narrow, dazzling white sandbank. We anchor in front of this beauty-spot. Take a walk on the island and visit the light-house with its superb panoramic view.
    We will reach Baramahamay, an important estuary with its impressive mangrove vegetation. You will visit a traditional Sakalava village, meet schoolchildren and then navigate up the river, right to the middle of the mangrove swamps with their impressive wildlife.
    Dinner and overnight on board

    Day 7 - Baramahamay to Antsoa and return to Nosy Be
    After 4 hours of sailing we anchor opposite Antsoa Island to visit the friendly lemurs.
    Lunch on board.
    The Talio (a strong West-wind) will take us back to Nosy Be, where we arrive at about 5pm

    The circuit can be modified according to the weather conditions or by the decision of the clients in agreement with the captain.