The Radamas islands

At 50 nautical miles south of Nosy Be, the Radama archipelago will captivate you. It is a group of islands with breathtaking beaches and fishing villages living in perfect harmony with nature. A rare opportunity  to discover the natural rhythm of life with the wind in your sails.

Duration : 7 days - 6 nights

Best season : All year

  • Photos of the Cruise
  • Course of the Cruise

    Day 1 :
    Departing from the Crater port, we arrive at Nosy Tanikely, the marine naturel reserve after an hour of sailing. We anchor right in front of the coral-banks, where you ca snorkel, surrounded by colorfull tropical fish and turtles, as you were inside a huge tropical fish tank.
    Following the coast down south, we reach the historical site of the Lunch on board and sailing to the historic site of  the Russian Bay, after about 4 hours of sailing. The calm estuary, a handy refuge for sailors, is perfect for overnight anchorage. 
    Dinner and overnight on board.

    Day 2 :
    After 32 miles of coastal sailing we reach the first Radama island, Kalakajoro, and anchor in front of the most beautiful beach of the Radama Islands. Enjoy a swim in the cristal-clear turquoise water, visit the village of nomadic fishermen, or, if you like walking, the village of carpenters, which is an hour walk away.
    Dinner and overnight on board.

    Day 3:
    We set sail to reach Antany Mora, 1h30 of sailing. Visit the ancient coconut plantations, and enjoy snorkelling and lunch opposite a lovely little beach.
    Dinner and overnight on board.

    Day 4:
    After one hour of sailing we drop anchor in front of Nosy Valiha, which is known for its great variety of corals, its waters full of fish and the friendliness of its population. You can take a walk on the island and admire its tropical vegetation.
    Enjoy a contemplative aperitif at sunset, dinner and overnight on board.

    Day 5:
    After 2 hours of sailing  we reach another tropical beauty spot, the island of Berangomaina. Its unspoilt coral bank abounds in marine life. Close by is the beautiful sandbank of Nosy Ovy, a paradise for shell lovers.
    Dinner and overnight on board.

    Day 6:
    We sail back north to Baramamahy (30 miles), where we anchor in the estuary. Wild landscape and absolute calm.  At high tide, go up the river with a small boat to the heart of the mangroves and its incredible wildlife. Visit the traditional Sakalava village and its school.
    Dinner and overnight on board

    Day 7:
    One hour of sailing takes us to Nosy Iranja, the turtle island, two lovely green islands connected by a narrow, dazzling white sandbank. Walk on the island and visit the light-house with its superb panoramic view.
    You will enjoy a swim in the crystal-clear turquoise water.
    The Talio (a strong West-wind) will take us back to Nosy Be.

    The circuit can be modified according to the weather conditions or by the decision of the clients in agreement with the captain.