Mitsio Islands

This circuit allows to discover a great variety of underwater flora: Gorgognes, black coral and other numerous kinds of corals and underwater vegetation. The fauna is the most varied of the Malagasy coast and presents a wide range of species of any size: from the whale shark to the smallest life forms (submarine photography paradise), not to mention the manta rays and turtles.

  • Photos of the Cruise
  • Course of the Cruise

    Best period : October to June 
    Water temperature : 25 to 30°
    Visibility : good to very good 
    Depths : from 15 to 40 meters
    Duration : 6 Days - 5 Nights

    Day 1 - Mitsio : Early start for Mitsio. Stop at "The Tetons Pinacles" for the first dive.
    Sail to Marimbe on the Main Mitsio.
    Dinner and overnight on board at Marimbe.

    Day 2 - Mitsio : The Organs. Previous regular sightings: - Shark, Ray, Grouper, Giant Trevelly.
    Sailing to Ankarea. Dive on Ankarea Rocks (15m). Usually huge quantities of fish in large shoals. Mainly caranx, giant trevelly, unicorn, trigger & surgeon fish. Occasional shark and some large grouper.
    Dinner and overnight on board at Marimbe.

    Day 3 - Nosy Lava: Sailing to Nosy Lava, further North. 2 dives on different spots.
    Diner and overnight on board at Nosy Lava.

    Day 4 - Castor Bank - Mitsio : Sail early morning to dive on Castor Bank (off Mitsio) 15 miles. A very interesting open sea bank with an excellent variety of fish, corals. Always a good dive.
    Dinner and overnight on board in Marimbe.

    Day 5 - 4 Brothers - Mitsio
    The 4 Brothers Dive on one of these amazing outcrops of rocks, rising 250m sheer out of the sea. They continue down to around 20 metres to the sea bed, providing interesting dives sites, often with dense shoals of fish in their tens of thousands, turtles, barracuda, trevelly etc. The wall is some 30m long with depths of 20m. Great variety of soft corals and good fish population.
    2 dives and we head for Sakatia.
    Diner and overnight on board at Sakatia.

    Day 6 - Sakatia - Nosy Be
    2 dives around Sakatia, lunch on board.
    Sail back to Nosy Be and transfer to your hotel.